Testimonials for MesoSilver®

Notice to our loyal customers. We would like to reprint all the fabulous testimonials we have received from our customers. However, Federal Law prohibits any claims or testimonials concerning the therapeutic effect or association between our product and any disease states. You are certainly free to publish them yourself on any colloid forum, bulletin boards or blogs on the Internet, but we may not reprint them nor link to them. We certainly welcome, and will reprint, any testimonials that do not reference any disease or associate our product with any therapeutic effect or disease states. You may also wonder why other colloidal silver companies makes outlandish claims and post outrageous testimonials. Our attorney has advised us that: 1. Those companies have clearly not been inspected by the FDA or those items would not be allowed. In other words, the FDA has not seen them yet. 2. FDA enforcement of the law is not universal, but is case by case, so some law violators continue their unlawful practices without sanction solely because FDA lacks the resources to go after every civil and criminal law offender.

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